Military Request Form

If you would like to receive a care package, please fill out the following information. Our care packages are FREE to our military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Name:  ________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________

APO or FPO  __________________ 

Zip:  __________________

Who will you be sharing with?  # of guys ____ # of gals_______

What is your expected re-deployment date? ________________

What items would you like to request?  _________________________

Do you have a PX: Yes ____ No____

Do you have a Microwave: Yes ___ No ____

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To check-out the inventory of our PX, click on the "Items Requested" link.

Mailing Address:

Operation Sandbox GA
P.O. Box 1003
Oxford, GA 30054

Phone #:  (770)  784-9155 


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