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Operation Sandbox GA Started in November of 2004 by co-founders Julie and Virginia Pearson. Julie saw a need to show support and appreciation to our military through letters and care packages when her finance’ went back to Iraq for his second tour. Virginia asked for support from their church family and received an overwhelming response. What started out as a one time project to send 32 extra large Christmas stockings, totaling 420 lbs to Julie’s fiancé's unit in Iraq, rapidly expanded. Not only was the response great from church members, but weeks later the project was being supported by other churches, the community, businesses, civic organizations and individuals. It was amazing to see the outpouring of love indicated by donations of money, time and items needed for our troops. Our care packages are FREE to our military serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

We are not about a political preference, religious denomination or a person’s feelings on war; we are focused on supporting the men and women who defend our freedom! Sandbox is a christian nonprofit 501(c) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

Our troops have shared in letters, emails and phone calls that receiving letters, thank you cards, e-mails, Christmas stockings and care packages have been the highlight of their day. Also, it is an excellent morale booster for our men and women who are serving our country. We not only support Georgia's troops, but all branches of our military that are stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Julie realized that in the military, defending our country means traveling to far away places, leaving family and friends and sacrificing their own lives in order to carry out their duty to their country. The men and women who serve in our military make a better life for all of us in this great country. Because of their bravery and dedication, we as a nation need to show our support for our troops any way we can. This can be as simple as flying the American flag or tying a yellow ribbon on your mailbox or tree. Another way is to join “Operation Sandbox GA, Inc.” or any other organization sending care packages, letters and cards of encouragement to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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